Annie Barrett
February 17, 2010 AT 02:00 PM EST

“Do you believe in love?” Last night’s Entertainment Tonight featured an all-new Glee promo — just in time, because the next new episode airs April 13! You tell me: Is the awesomeness of Sue Sylvester in a Madonna-esque cone bra and a “Those sweaters make her look home-schooled” quip from my second-favorite character Brittany somewhat tainted by your overwhelming despair at having to wait nearly two months to see the real thing?

I didn’t think so. Besides, every self-respecting Gleek knows a state of irrational, random terror can be rather empowering. What’s the best part of this promo: Cone bra, Brittany, “Team Finn” shirt, or Spring Awakening star Jonathan Groff?

Agh! I just watched again and have a new fave: Cheerios on stilts.

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