Kerrie Mitchell
February 18, 2010 AT 08:18 PM EST

How would you feel about living in the house where Donna Martin lost her virginity? If the answer is very, very excited (and if you happen to have $10.5 million burning a hole in your pocket), then you should hightail it over to Hermosa Beach, Calif., where a certain lux beachfront, 3 unit house is located. First featured in the original 90210 during the fourth season, when Donna, David, and Kelly all moved in together, the building also has a condo that’s available for vacation rental, if you’re not ready to take the full-on plunge into TV-home ownership. In all honesty, I’d be much more excited about the original Walsh house being up for sale. The season 4 beach house feels a little second-string. The Walsh house, though — now that’s class all the way. Do you recall the aforementioned beach house? And which pop-culture abode would you spare no expense to own?

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