Annie Barrett
February 18, 2010 AT 07:46 PM EST

Ours is. Jealous? (So bitchy!) Today, the Time Cafe offers up a menu called Olympics: Norway. Clockwise from left: Norwegian Meatballs, Dilled Cream Potatoes, String Beans in Cream Sauce, Rutabaga and Sausage, and Peas and Pearl Onions. Due to an unexpected bout of temporary sanity, I sampled everything except Roasted Trout in Lemon Cream. Looks like yesterday was Olympics: China, which I missed, but it really doesn’t seem as special — hi, I’ve heard of General Tso’s Chicken in the cafeteria before. Tomorrow’s menu is T.G.I.F. as uzh, and we can’t see next week’s menu yet, but I’ll keep you posted, since you care. I’m hoping for a Swedish smorgasbord featuring those chocolate butter cookies from IKEA but otherwise pretty similar to the Norway spread, which is really tasty so far. PopWatch’s Darren Franich weighs in: “It’s so good! No, like, it’s incredible. That cafeteria has been blowing my mind the last couple of days.” Okay, settle down, dude. I guess this pile of slop smells pretty fierce, too — Amy Marie, the Idolatry makeup artist, said she had to step away from our conversation because it smelled “almost too amazing.” She was probably just sick of talking to me.

If your office’s or school’s cafeteria has an Olympics menu, kindly share details!

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