Michael Ausiello
February 19, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EST

Lost Heroine Finds Love Triangle Drama on House

Lost tailie Cynthia Watros is about to come between House‘s most popular couple: House and Wilson.

On April 17, the actress joins House as Sam Carr, Wilson’s first ex-wife and new girlfriend. In other words, House’s (Hugh Laurie) worst nightmare.

”Of all the women he’s been with, she hurt Wilson the deepest,” explains Wilson’s portrayer, Robert Sean Leonard. ”When House hears she’s back, he’s ready for battle.” And, as House creator David Shore points out, ”this isn’t just House being protective of Wilson, this is him being protective of Wilson against somebody who knows Wilson as well as he does…. They’re kind of fighting over him.”

For Wilson, the reunion with his ex marks his first serious relationship since Amber’s death two years ago. But whether he’s taking a step forward or back remains to be seen. ”There can be great comfort in the past,” says Leonard. ”He wants his blankie. And there’s the extra benefit of familiarity and, in a way, a lack of drama.”

It’s the abundance of drama that Watros’ quirky character brings with her that may lead producers to keep her around full-time next season. For his part, Leonard can already picture Watros in the cast photo. ”I like how she fits in alongside Hugh and Lisa [Edelstein],” he says. Adds Watros, ”To be able to call this my home would be fantastic.”

I stand corrected: That’s House’s worst nightmare.


Bones Season Finale Spoiler!

House and Wilson aren’t the only popular TV duo facing an imminent threat. On Bones, Rena Sofer will shake things up between Booth and Brennan when she guest-stars as a marine biologist who asks David Boreanaz’s sex-starved detective out on a date — an offer he deems too good to refuse. ”She’s definitely more of the aggressor,” reveals Sofer, who shot her Bones guest turn in between episodes of NCIS, where she currently recurs as Mark Harmon’s potential love interest. Exec producer Stephen Nathan says the flirtation serves to both give Booth something resembling a personal life and ”create a little turmoil” between Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel). ”All of this is tied in with the last four or five episodes,” adds Nathan, who describes the finale as a ”pretty big episode in terms of what happens to Booth and Brennan.” As big as last season’s climax, much of which turned out to be a figment of their imagination (faux sex included)? ”Yes, but in a very different way,” responds Nathan. ”[This episode] will be real.”

Vanishing Collar Agent Reappears

Marsha Thomason’s lesbian agent on White Collar — who went MIA after the pilot — will be getting a heavier workload in season 2. The former Las Vegas and Lost (she played Naomi) star has been upgraded to a series regular on the USA Network drama. I’m told she’ll reappear in the season 1 finale on March 9 and then return full-time in season 2.

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