Annie Barrett
February 19, 2010 AT 09:03 PM EST

Watching the U.S. snowboarders in their crazy faux-denim snowboarding pants (FDSP) had me momentarily perplexed. Which mode of cozy leg-sheathing would I prefer to wear for the rest of stupid winter: FDSP or Pajama Jeans? (Watch the Pajama Jeans infomercial here, or after the jump.)

If we’re talking strictly fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion, I suppose Pajama Jeans are more slimming and might be more appropriate to present to the public. But it’s winter and does anyone really care? The FDSP seem like they’d keep me so warm on a long cold February night. They’re GORE-TEX®, just like George Costanza’s coat! I’d love to wake up sweating my cheeks off in FDSP after a nightmare about a lace issue on my ice skate. I’d be like no, silly, you are not Japan’s Nobunari Oda. You are a U.S. snowboarder. And if I believed it hard enough, and watched the Snowboarding in Space AT&T commercial over and over, maybe I could fake it. Maybe people really would take me for a possible Olympic snowboarder if I wore the FDSP to Walgreen’s along with my usual ratty ponytail and cute knit hat. They’d wonder about either that or whether I was stuck in 1992. I just don’t know. I may be getting a little too obsessed with snowboarding.

Vote below. You must pick one. I don’t care if you think they’re both hideous. These are the only two pants styles left on Earth.

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