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'Kick-Ass' red band trailer: Necessary, but wishing it were funnier

Some movies have the punchlines to support a red band trailer (Cop Out, Hot Tub Time Machine), and some movies don’t. I’m on the fence about Kick-Ass, the story of a teen superhero without super powers and the costumed vigilantes he inspires. Yes, I now see that it’s not the Disney film the all-age trailer and casting of Nicolas Cage as a father made it out to be (if Disney films included a makeout scene). But the masturbation and d— jokes don’t have me rolling on the floor. I mean, I’m still gonna see it for McLovin’ – er, excuse me, Red Mist – but I’m not convinced it’s Superbad with fight choreography and the villain from Sherlock Holmes.

What do you think?

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