Kerrie Mitchell
February 19, 2010 AT 11:17 PM EST

Sometimes it seems like Kristen Stewart is Michael Corleone in The Godfather: Part III: Just when she thinks she’s out of Twilight, it pulls her back in. has posted a clip and transcript of two interviews with Stewart during a junket for her new movie The Yellow Handkerchief, an indie drama about an ex-con (William Hurt) who road trips with a…well, it doesn’t really matter, suffice it to say that Stewart’s in it and she’s out answering questions, so bring on the Breaking Dawn. In the video below she parries a query about Dawn going 3-D by deferring to her Handkerchief costar Eddie Redmayne. (Nicely played Kristen!) For the record, Redmayne thinks it would be “scary” and he and Stewart agree it would be “out there.”

In another interview Collider asks her about the reports that Dawn might get split into two movies. Though she doesn’t know for sure what the plan is, Stewart seemed to think it was a good idea, saying, “The story so completely warrants two films and it would suck to have to…it would be really disappointing to have to be able to just go, ‘Okay, we have to lose this sequence and this scene and this sequence and this scene.’ So I would like to do two movies but I really, to be perfectly honest, don’t know what they’re going to do.” Collider’s writer concludes by noting that, although he got 200 emails with Twilight-related questions, it’s a little impolite to ask them all at the Yellow Handkerchief press tour. Don’t worry though kids. There’s always the Runaways junket next month. Confession time: Who’s really interested in Yellow Handkerchief? And who’s just using Yellow Handkerchief to make friends with Twilight?

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