Annie Barrett
February 22, 2010 AT 08:02 PM EST

I am over the moon that Ugly Betty‘s Becki Newton turned down 10 other offers (!) to headline the NBC dramedy pilot Love Bites. But I’m skeptical of the description of her Love Bites character: “Annie, an optimistic, infectiously bubbly social worker who is a virgin.” First of all, OH MY GOD, I can, like, so totally relate to this character! Just kidding; I am maybe one of those things, and that’s only if you consider blogging “social work.” No, my hangup is this: I want Becki Newton to play a complete bitch!  More Amanda Tanen, less wholesome hostess at the Olive Garden:

It’s okay, though — Becki Newton is hilarious, and I know she’ll work it out. Anyone who can feign breathless amusement after realizing an adult woman’s “date” IS HER CHILD should be able to make a virgin social worker funny. Also, that kid is going to have traumatic soup-salad-‘n’-breadsticks flashbacks for the rest of his life.

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