Annie Barrett
February 23, 2010 AT 02:58 PM EST

With a perfectly cast Meryl Davis as Neyteri, the entire Olympic Ice Dancing community needs to just team up with James Cameron and do an Avatar tour already. Let’s make this happen. You know Maxim Shabalin and Oksana Domnina already have Na’vi costumes as well as somewhat cohesive looks for the “various flora and fauna” endemic to Pandora. It could be problematic when whoever’s playing Jake Sully (ideas? doesn’t have to be Charlie…) wakes up in Reality, but that’s the beauty of taking things On Ice — the potential for drama! Jake Sully On Ice will figure it out. What are those weapons affixed to the ends of his seemingly useless legs? They are BEAUTIFUL SKATES. He is an ICE DANCER. Maybe diminutive man-behind-the-curtain Scott Hamilton could be the Giovanni Ribisi? Time to stop.

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