Chris Nashawaty
February 23, 2010 AT 08:53 PM EST

So far, New York cop John McClane has battled terrorists in an office tower, on an airplane, on the streets of the Big Apple, and on the Internet. But there may still be some more “yippee-ki-yay” left in the tank for Bruce Willis. While promoting his new man-in-blue buddy comedy Cop Out, Willis told, “I think we’re going to do a Die Hard 5 next year.” This is, of course, huge news for anyone who still gets goosebumps when they hear the name Hans Gruber (guilty as charged). Willis didn’t offer much in the way of details except to say that he would hire Die Hard 4 director Len Wiseman for the gig. And when asked where he could see the story going, his response was, “Well, it’s got to go worldwide…that would be my contribution.”

Worldwide, huh?

That seems a little vague. Does he mean a globe-trotting adventure like the Bourne series or the 007 flicks? Or does he intend to have his blue-collar alter-ego trot out a set of  language skills in Farsi, Swahili, and Mandarin? Maybe he’s just talking about cleaning up at the foreign box office. Tough to say. Either way, it’s not too early to start thinking about — and opening up the floor to — suggestions about how the next Die Hard should play out. One thing’s for sure, fresh premises seem to be running out. After all, we’ve already seen Die Hard on Bus (Speed), Die Hard on a Cruise Ship (Speed 2), Die Hard on an Aircraft Carrier (Under Siege), Die Hard on a Train (Under Siege 2), not to mention Die Hard in a Phone Booth (Phone Booth), Die Hard at a Boxing Match (Snake Eyes), and Die Hard with Bongs (Pineapple Express).

So what’s left? What’s your idea for Die Hard 5? And are you psyched to see John McClane return?

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