Simon Vozick-Levinson
February 23, 2010 AT 04:21 PM EST

Is Kanye West about to release a new album? Maybe! In the meantime, though, he’s tiding fans over with a video for “Coldest Winter,” from Nov. 2008’s 808s & Heartbreak.

West does not appear in the clip. Instead, there are a lot of shots of a scantily clad woman running through a dark forest while being pursued by creepy hooded figures. (As Miss Info points out, the bad guys look exactly like the dementors who guard Azkaban Prison.) Frankly, I found the video a little underwhelming. 808s has been flogged more than enough in the year-plus since its release. Would it be so much to ask for some new music?

Watch Kanye West’s “Coldest Winter” video below. Then let us know whether you’re wowed — or if you’re feeling impatient like me.

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