Margaret Lyons
February 25, 2010 AT 05:36 PM EST

Ten Word Wiki is sort of like six-word memoirs, but for everything. Every entry has exactly ten words, and some of those entries are awesome.

Nicolas Cage: “Best Actor in the world. Oh no, not the bees.”

Ramones: “Leather jackets, three chords, glue sniffing. Made rock fun again.”

Baby powder: “Not made from ground, dessicated babies. Despite how it sounds.”

Rick Astley: “Giving you up, letting you down, running around, desertion unlikely.”

Beer: “Magic fall down juice, made with malt, hops, and yeast.”

Michael Jordan: “The world’s most famous basketball player and average baseball player.”

Harry Potter: “Fictional, troubled, orphaned teenage wizard with a thing for gingers.

Okay, PopWatchers, your turn: What’s your ten-word encyclopedia entry? Or did you find one within the TWW that you loved?

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