Annie Barrett
March 01, 2010 AT 10:56 PM EST

Brendan Fraser won the first-ever “Best 3D Talent” award for his acting and producing roles in Journey to the Center of the Earth at the International 3D Society’s Lumiere Awards. Tragically, the awards show was not hosted by the candlestick from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Full winners list after the jump. Avatar picked up six awards, of course.

By the way, we know this event was held Tuesday. We just really, really like this picture, and judging from PopWatchers’ response to Kate’s “Brendan Fraser can do no wrong in my book. Yes, I’m serious” post, so will you. 

The International 3-D Society’s “Lumiere Awards” Winners List

  • Live Action 3D Feature of the Year: Avatar
  • Animated 3D Feature of the Year: Up
  • Short 3D Motion Picture/Narrative: Partly Cloudy
  • Best 3D Documentary: Under the Sea 3D
  • Outstanding Achievement of 2D to 3D Converted Feature: G-Force
  • Best 3D Character of the Year: Neytiri from Avatar
  • Best 3D Scene of the Year: Avatar and Jake Sully for “First Flight”
  • Best 3D Stereography, Live Action: Avatar
  • Best 3D Stereography, Animated: Coraline
  • Outstanding Achievement in 3D Visual Effects: Avatar
  • Outstanding Achievement for Marketing 3D Content: 20th Century Fox Studios for Avatar

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