Sandra Gonzalez
March 01, 2010 AT 04:30 PM EST

Image Credit: Saeed AdyaniIn the realm of horror movies, law enforcement has never been portrayed in the most favorable light. Generally speaking, you have: 1. old timers unwilling to believe there’s something odd and dangerous afoot. Dead people, be damned. (Nancy’s police lieutenant dad, Nightmare on Elm Street) 2. scary hillbillies (Sheriff Hoyt, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and 3. rookies who provide some form of comic relief (Deputy Dewey, Scream triology). Enter Timothy Olyphant‘s Sheriff David Dutton in The Crazies to stop the madness (and mutant people).

While I’ll leave reviewing the movie to the professionals, I will weigh in on something I consider myself an expert of: hot law enforcement. We’ve compiled our list of sexy crime-fighters before, but in the horror genre, there’s been what I consider a severe lack of competent, good-looking officers of the law. In the movie, the gruff-voiced sheriff is a dedicated family man, noble friend, and stubbly-faced dream to watch on screen. I could stand to see more of this – and more of Olyphant in uniform with a gun in hand. Oh, hi, Justified!

What do you think, PopWatchers? Have I forgotten a horror movie law enforcement hottie? I plan to take your suggestions and plan my weekend around investigating this issue further (from my couch).

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