Jennifer Armstrong
March 02, 2010 AT 01:52 PM EST

Publication has been stopped on Charles Pellegrino’s The Last Train from Hiroshima, a controversial book about the atomic bombing of Japan that Avatar director James Cameron had already optioned for a prospective movie, after questions were raised about some of its interview subjects, Variety reports. Publisher Henry Holt and Co. told the AP that Pelligrino “was not able to answer” several of its concerns, including whether two of the men mentioned in the book even existed. “It is with deep regret that Henry Holt and Company announces that we will not print, correct or ship copies of Charles Pellegrino’s The Last Train from Hiroshima,” the publisher said in a statement. A week ago, Pellegrino admitted one of his sources had falsely claimed to be on one of the planes flying with the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. The publisher was then unable to verify the existence of two of the author’s other sources, and doubts were raised about Pellegrino’s own credentials, specifically his claim to have a PhD from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. A Holt rep said there were 18,000 copies of the book in print after its January publication, and the publisher is promising full credit to stores that want to return the book; consumers seeking a refund should return their copies to the store where they bought them. Cameron and Pellegrino have worked together for years, with Pellegrino consulting on Avatar and Cameron writing introductions for the author’s 2000 book Ghosts of the Titanic and his 2007 release The Jesus Family Tomb.

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