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Robert Pattinson loves Betty White, talks vaginas with Barbara Walters

Robert Pattinson braved the sofa on The View today. Tied for my favorite moments: Barbara Walters segueing from comparing his acting to James Dean’s to asking him about his Details cover story (“Excuse me, did I make this up or did I read that you said something about vaginas?”) and Pattinson answering a fan question about whether he’d date an older woman by saying “I think Betty White is probably one of the sexiest women in America.” We’ve said it before: There is nothing hotter than a straight man showing an appreciation for The Golden Girls.

Honorable mention: Elisabeth Hasselbeck trying to paint Joy Behar a visual so she’d understand what Pattinson meant when he said that the Remember Me costume department had to make him a “modesty pouch” out of half a bra for his love scene with costar Emilie de Ravin. “You had a bra on your unit,” Hasselbeck said. Not classy, Barbara, but definitely classic! More clips after the jump.

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Originally posted March 2 2010 — 5:40 PM EST

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