Annie Barrett
March 04, 2010 AT 06:19 PM EST

Perfect casting: Beverly D’Angelo as Busy Philipps’ bad mom. The Sheila character called to mind Jan Hooks as Jane Krakowski’s only-out-for-herself mom on 30 Rock, though I’m not sure Jenna’s mom would have known “exactly the right place to punch a person to make them throw up.” After all the familial drama (“mom dram”? can we make that happen?), Philipp’s Laurie, who wants to be a grownup so bad, will finally move into her own condo (with a co-sign from Jules). Meanwhile, Barb and Travis had a big Norma Desmond subplot — Travis’ reaction upon seeing Barb after her ghastly facelift that “hurt like a thousand sons of bitches” reminded me of when Maeby found that blood-sucking creature Lucille on Arrested Development. By the way, do not miss Tanner’s hilarious interview with Carolyn Hennesy, the genius behind super-cougar Barb — she describes the character as “Sue Ann Nivens meets Karen from Will & Grace with a touch of Cloris Leachman thrown in.” She also did the voice of Bambi’s dead mother. Read it. My fave five lines from last night’s episode are after the jump. What were yours?

“Don’t touch my pizza rolls, bitch!” — Laurie

“Hey Reading Glasses, did you get those for your thousandth birthday?” –Bobby to Ellie (I love that he called her Reading Glasses instead of just acknowledging them)

“It was a classic case of ‘He said, they all said.'” — Sheila

“Innocence should be lost in the bedroom, or a commercial cruise liner.” — Barb

“Zac Efron turned 22 on October 18.” — Andy!

Also loved: Andy’s realization that his brother is gay, Bobby and Ellie’s reluctant admission that they’re friends, Bobby calling Grayson “Grey’s Anatomy,” the boys club’s “Penny Can” song, and Jules and Laurie fighting over who gets to be Portia in their fake lesbian relationship.

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