Annie Barrett
March 09, 2010 AT 03:51 PM EST

“For the first time ever over a medley of perfect hip hop beats,” it’s a liiiiiiiiive version of the first viral SNL digital short, “Lazy Sunday”! Andy Samberg surprised “Parn” during his Late Night with Jimmy Fallon interview — their jackets were right, the Roots were into it, and Fallon’s staffers were ready to be humiliated. So it just worked.

Notable differences from the original include much more violent interactions with Others (in the case of the “Magnolia Bakery employee,” NYC-area viewers will feel sweet retribution even though he doesn’t really work there, because the people who do work there are so surly…seriously lose the ‘tude, you work at Magnolia Bakery) and a tragic lack of close-ups during the original’s signature Snack Attack (muthaf—-hs)! But the Roots solos were worth it! What do you think: Chronic-what? or crazy-delicious? I don’t even know the difference!

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