Michael Ausiello
March 09, 2010 AT 06:15 PM EST

Image Credit: Sam Jones/FoxFox has finally set a return date for Lie to Me — honest!

Sources confirm that the sophomore drama’s remaining season 2 episodes will air Mondays at 8 pm/ET beginning June 7. Lie to Me will be paired with The Good Guys, the new action-comedy from Burn Notice creator Matt Nix. (Good Guys, originally titled Code 58, will get a special preview on May 19 before American Idol.)

In other Fox scheduling news…

* Glee‘s season 1 finale will air Tuesday, June 8 at 9 pm/ET.

* The remaining episodes of Past Life will burn off on Fridays at 8 pm/ET beginning May 28.

* So You Think You Can Dance returns Thursday, May 27.

Any questions? I have two: Are you relieved Lie to Me has a definitive return date? And are you following me on Twitter at @ewausiellofiles?

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