Emily Exton
March 10, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EST

While the last episode before winter break brought some much-needed resolution for West Beverly High, this week’s episode proved that once that holiday spirit fades and the realities of a new year set in, relationships aren’t exactly what we thought they were.

Recently reunited couple Liam and Naomi spent the break apart but remained together via nauseating amounts of texting. Despite both being excited to see one another, they shared an awkwardly silent dinner at the beach. Though they’re attracted to one another, they faced the realization that maybe they just don’t have that much in common (but Naomi does get points for trying, “Deck panels are rad!”).

Jasper tried to act like everything was normal with Annie by sending her flowers and creepily popping up in mirrors (P.S. I’m loving Annie’s shorter, less mangy-looking hairdo). When Annie told him again that they’re over, Jasper begged to differ, and demanded that she stay with him or else he’d tell everyone about her hit-and-run. Ah blackmail, what every healthy relationship is based on.

After sharing a surprise kiss at the dance, Dixon was determined to talk to Silver back at school, “definitely before U.S. History because then she just gets hopped up on conspiracy theories.” Before he could tell her how he felt, Silver insisted that the kiss was obviously a mistake, to which he sheepishly agreed.

But just like Jasper, Dixon refused to accept this answer, especially when confronted by Teddy, who was bringing a tough roundhouse during gym class kickboxing. Instead of opening up to his friend, Dixon saw him as competition and was on the defensive. He assured Teddy that he and Silver were getting back together. I thought this conversation was going to lead to an all-out brawl (they were kickboxing), but Dixon showed how much he’s learned in Beverly Hills — manipulation, not physical force, is your best weapon.

After their dud of a dinner (“How could things between such good-looking people be so boring?!”), Naomi refused to accept an awkward future with Liam, and reluctantly turned to Adrianna for advice (can someone just love this girl again!). Adrianna reassured her that the chemistry is there, and that she knew how the two could test it out… so naturally Naomi showed up in a trench coat sans anything else, looking to reignite the fire in her relationship.

Meanwhile, Adrianna was dealing with her own reality: a second attempt at sobriety. She reached out to Blaze reporter, and fellow AA member, Gia (Rumer Willis), who helped her fight her temptations. Adrianna made it up to Gia by planting a big wet kiss on her lips, just in time to make her ex-girlfriend jealous. For all of the hype this girl-on-girl relationship story line has been getting, their first kiss was pretty anticlimactic, but it may not be their last.

By the end of the episode, Jasper was becoming even crazier and Annie even more desperate. “I hate movies with subtitles!” She proclaimed, hoping to disgust him with her low-brow tastes in cinema. “Most of the movies that we have seen, I actually kinda hated.” (Hey, why don’t Jasper and Silver go see movies together?) Refusing to accept this from his “soul mate,” Jasper threw a rock through a car window. “We’re not like other couples!” he screams to his hostage girlfriend standing in an abandoned parking lot. “We’re soul mates… soul mates are forever!” (I’m just waiting for him to kidnap her; I hope Mr. Wilson has some ransom money stashed away).

Navid attempted to rid us all of Jasper by planting drugs in his locker. But when the school conducted random searches, Jasper escaped cleanly, while the drugs were thought to be Navid’s! Can anyone take Jasper down?

What do you think PopWatchers? What will happen to Navid? Can Annie get away from Jasper? Do Naomi and Liam really have nothing in common? Will Silver give Dixon another chance?

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