Adam Markovitz
March 11, 2010 AT 05:17 PM EST

Round up the Merry Men: Universal’s new trailer for the upcoming Russell Crowe-Ridley Scott action spectacular Robin Hood (out May 14) is out. Along with some more plot info (Robin’s real last name is Longstride? Who knew?), the clip also shows off a new side of Maid Marian, the damsel who spent most of the previous Robin Hood movies sighing and swooning.

Not this time. Played by Cate Blanchett, this new Marian is ready to bring a world of pain to anybody who gets on her bad side. She shoots flaming arrows. She can handle a broadsword. And, in one particularly memorable moment, she gives Robin an ultimatum that somehow manages to sound polite and badass at the same time: “If you so much move to touch me, I will sever your manhood.”

Check out the trailer below, then head to the comments to let us know what you think of Marian’s makeover.

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