Dalton Ross
March 11, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EST

Quite an odd episode of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains this evening, especially when it came to the reward challenge. You basically had the Heroes refusing to eat chocolate so they could “focus” on the challenge of winning more chocolate, which they claimed they were not interested in having in the first place. Colby even got snippy with Jeff Probst, cutting off the host after being asked why he looked so annoyed by the plate of free samples, and insisting “Don’t need it. Let’s go.” Jeff’s response: “We’ll go when I’m ready.” Oh, snap, Colby! You got Probsted! But at least Colby did not get voted out. The unlucky loser on the receiving end of that indignity was… [SPOILER ALERT: Read on after the jump if you’ve already seen the episode and know who was voted out.]

…Tom Westman. And that was even though James injured himself so badly in the reward challenge that he could barely walk. At Tribal Council, James dared anyone who thought they would be better off in challenges with the able-bodied Tom than a one-legged James to vote him out, and proving just how delusional they all were, nobody (except Tom and Colby) did. Of course, this comes from a tribe that can’t solve a puzzle to save their collective life and can’t quite figure out the nuances of Chocolategate, so what do you expect? Meanwhile, over on the villains tribe, Russell did was Russell does best — locating another hidden immunity idol, this time while the rest of his tribe was participating ins something called “Slayer Chi.” He then followed that up by doing what he does second best: blabbing to everyone about how he had just found a hidden immunity idol. A Russell versus Boston Rob showdown could be brewing.

My full recap of the episode will be up at midnight, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Jeff Probst’s blog and my exit interview with Tom Westman. In the meantime, enjoy the pep talk video below that Tom recorded for himself before the game started to cheer himself up in the event he was voted out. And let us know what you think: Did the Heroes screw-up royally by keeping a one-legged James over a two-legged Tom? Why are the Heroes so deathly afraid of chocolate? And who would you put your money on in a foot race: James or Probst’s niece?  Share you comments below!

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