Darren Franich
March 12, 2010 AT 09:00 PM EST

Image Credit: DC ComicsDC Comics is celebrating its 75 anniversary this year. That’s a true milestone, and the iconic publisher deserves a round of applause. But we all know the truth: these first 75 years have been a resounding failure. A failure, I say! Because DC has never successfully answered the most important question of the century: Is Batman better than Superman?

PopWatchers, I think it’s time we resolve this, once and for all. Let’s look at the question in the most basic sense: Who would win in a fight? This is a no-brainer. Superman could feasibly defeat Batman using only the lame powers, like Super Freeze Breath and Super Memory. Once he turns on the Super Speed and the Heat Vision? Game over.

Batman’s only real hope is kryptonite, but Lex Luthor uses kryptonite all the time, and how’s that working out for him? And no matter what kind of crazy paranoid-genius counterattack you think Batman could come up with, Superman could always just punch Earth into a black hole and call it a day.

But Batman vs. Superman is also a cultural conflict. Who’s more interesting to read about? Who’s more capable of evolving with the times? Who has a better costume? This is also a no-brainer. Ever since Frank Miller’s 1986 The Dark Knight Returns, Bruce Wayne has dominated every media sphere: cartoons, video games, Halloween costumes, and movies. And such movies! Batman is the star of the best (The Dark Knight) and worst (Batman & Robin) superhero films ever. (He’s also the star of the best Christmas movie ever. Batman Returns. Seriously!)

So Superman wins in a fight, and Batman wins in the court of public opinion. That leaves us with… oh no, a tie! This won’t do at all. PopWatchers, did I miss something? Am I too dismissive of Batman’s ability to fight Superman? Is Clark Kent secretly cooler than Bruce Wayne? (Quentin Tarantino seems to think so.) Should Batman earn grade inflation because his villains are so, so, so much better than Superman’s? Sound off below!

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