Carrie Bell and Missy Schwartz
March 12, 2010 AT 05:00 AM EST

On March 5, the 25th annual celebration of independent film ditched its traditional beachside location for downtown L.A.—without sacrificing the laid-back fun.


The First Couple of Indie

Although she wasn’t nominated, Maggie Gyllenhaal showed up to party with hubby Peter Sarsgaard and present her Crazy Heart costar with Best Male Lead. ”[You’re] a great actress,” Bridges told her.

Stiller’s Special Guests

Joking that the East Coasters tuning in at 1 a.m. EST were only looking for skin flicks, Ben Stiller invited a trio of ”porn stars” to join him while he presented the final award of the night: Best Feature.

Bridges Takes Center Stage

Before winning Best Male Lead, Jeff Bridges performed ”Fallin’ & Flyin”’ with his Crazy Heart musical collaborators T Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham. ”I am so excited because they are not letting any of us play the Oscars this year,” Burnett told EW. ”This is our chance!”

A Very Precious Night

As if anticipating his movie’s sweep—its five wins included Best Feature and Best Female Lead (for Gabourey Sidibe, center, with costar Mariah Carey)—Best Director Lee Daniels (right) told EW before the show: ”I’ve got my Visine because I’m sure I will shed some tears.”

Foster Cleans Up

”I hesitated [about attending this year] because no Angeleno wants to drive downtown during rush hour,” said Jodie Foster, here vacuuming the blue carpet. ”But supporting the independent-film community won out.”

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