Sandra Gonzalez
March 15, 2010 AT 08:22 PM EDT

Image Credit: Byron Cohen/NBC; Scott Garfield/ABC; Everett CollectionAfter months of my decrying the snooze-fest that is Mark and Ann’s relationship on Parks and Recreation, it was announced today that Paul Schneider is leaving the show. First, I am sad that Schneider is leaving. I am not, however, shedding any tears over the possibility that it means Mark and Ann will be kaput (Parks honcho Mike Schur will only say that the two will come to a “crossroads” by the end of the season). Like many of you have pointed out, Schneider has great comedic chops, and his dry delivery is a good fit with the rest of the cast. But he is stronger on his own than in scenes with on-screen girlfriend Ann (Rashida Jones). Jones is great too, of course, but together they are the Gizzie (George-Izzie) of Parks: a pairing of two likable characters that simply don’t work. See related: Joey and Rachel on Friends (I know they were never a ”couple,” but it was still an awful pairing). So while Schneider’s exit is no doubt a loss for the show, Parks might benefit from shedding the spark-free Mann scenes (assuming that his exit means the relationship is in fact over).

What about you? Are you excited that Mann is likely being put out of its misery? What other TV breakups made you cheer? Are there any other couples on TV that you want to see gone? Sound off below!

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