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Ask Ausiello about the 100th episode of 'Bones'

bones-100-episodeImage Credit: Greg Gayne/FoxNews flash: The single-topic Ask Ausiello is back! What’s the occasion? I just screened the 100th episode of Bones (a whole three weeks before it’s scheduled to air!) and have a lot to share. Questions, please!

Question: Do you have any Hodgins-Angela-centric Bones scoop? Pretty please with a cherry on top? Also, you are my hero for the clip on ATV! —Miri
You will find out exactly how much Angela has told Brennan about her relationship with Hodgins in the milestone episode (airing April 8). Hint: It’s steamy!

Question: I am looking for any news, scoop, or spoilers about Booth and Brennan and a possible romance moving forward. —Mary
I’ll say this: After learning about the early days of their relationship, Sweets prompts B&B to make decisions about their future.

Question: You always get the best scoops. I think you should prove that now with a really good one about Bones. —Maxine
Someone says, “If we don’t work together anymore, we can have sex.” To which someone else replies, ”I’ll call a cab.” Is that proof enough?

Question: Any Bones scoop to get through this hiatus? —Ashley J
Episode 100 will give you a little more background on Booth’s gambling problem.

Question: Give me some Bones scoop, pretty please! —Sheri
You will see Brennan punch someone twice and slap someone once. And I can confirm that one of those two people is Booth. I can also confirm that there is some kissing, but I’m not saying whether it’s in the past, present, or both.

Question: Like many Bones fans, I am looking forward to the upcoming 100th episode flashback and the return of Eric Millegan as Zack. But what about Jonathan Adams as their former boss? He took a three-month sabbatical four seasons ago! Will his character even be addressed at all? —Jenny
Dr. Daniel Goodman does not appear, but you will see prosecutor Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher) help Booth and Bones bring down a judge in the their first case.

Got more questions about Bones? Send ‘em to and maybe I’ll answer them in Thursday’s AA. (Additional reporting by Sandra Gonzalez)