Annie Barrett
March 16, 2010 AT 03:45 PM EDT

I’m still trying to process Ausiello’s report that Paula Abdul is finalizing a deal to headline a reboot of Star Search on ABC, and I think the reason it’s so difficult is not necessarily because hosting Star Search could preclude Paula from co-judging the upcoming U.S. version of The X-Factor with Simon Cowell. I honestly think it’s because my strongest memory of Star Search comes from that Full House episode in which Joey Gladstone gives himself one last shot to make it as a comedian after 10 years of trying. I hate spoiler alerts, so I won’t tell you guys what happens! We can only hope that midway through her first episode, Paula doesn’t pull a Michelle Tanner by defiantly throwing down her tutu and tiara to declare, “NO MORE BALLERINA.” ‘

An attempt to revive Star Search back in 2003-2004 failed. But that was CBS and Arsenio Hall; this is ABC and Paula Abdul. I don’t think there’s necessarily any love lost for Paula by America, but after her tragic, all-over-the-place effort at hosting VH1 Divas this fall, we’re probably not willing to watch another train wreck. Michael Slezak, could you put this more succinctly? “Paula as host is horrifying. Paula as judge is less so,” says’s Idoloonie. This is a POPWATCH EXCLUSIVE. Eat it, Ausiello.

Did you watch Star Search when its first iteration was on the air? Do you think you’d watch its new version, featuring Paula doing…something? I guess I’d be more likely to watch a Paula show than America’s Got Talent…but honestly, all these proposed version of essentially the same show seem like an unsolicited heap of “fun”-size Mounds in my World of Reality TV Halloween pumpkin. All the world’s a candy store. When will we stop trick-or-treatin’?

UPDATE: No more ballerina! Ausiello’s sources say Paula will not be joining the Star Search reboot.

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