Chris Nashawaty
March 16, 2010 AT 06:21 PM EDT

It’s been a little more than two years since we last checked in with the dread-locked beasties known as Predators, and a good 20 years since one of them turned up in anything resembling a good movie. (We’re talking about 1990’s underrated Predator 2.) But the alien killing machines that display human spinal chords like trophies are back thanks to producer Robert Rodriguez — a man whose horror bona fides are unimpeachable.

In the brand-new making-of/behind-the-scenes/teaser reel for Predators, Rodriguez explains why now is the time to rescue these man-killing masters of mayhem from their woeful Alien-battling spin-off flicks and put them back on center stage with the help of director Nimród Antal (2007’s decent thriller Vacancy) and a cast that includes Adrien Brody and Laurence Fishburne, who are on hand to lead a posse of mercenaries on a far-off planet where they become the prey. Or, as Rodriguez explains, “This planet is a game preserve and we’re the game.” Sounds pretty sweet, right? Well, we have some very fond memories of the 1987 Ah-nuld original and, like we said, the first sequel, too. But let’s be honest: Rodriguez is going to have to really come through on this thing to erase all the damage that’s been done in the name of the Predator race since then. Personally, we have our fingers crossed. Predators hits theaters in July. Take a look at the teaser and tell us what you think…

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