Mandi Bierly
March 16, 2010 AT 02:17 PM EDT

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who squealed when she (or he) first saw the promo for tonight’s episode of The Good Wife (CBS, 10 p.m. EST). Peter wants to become a better man through religion, but Alicia may have already found one — Will. What do you hope happens? I think it’s too soon for Alicia and Will to couple. Not because it could ruin the show or because I feel any loyalty to Peter (who I would have already left), but because I’m not ready to give up that sexual tension. What would make it even hotter: Will taking us to that boiling point, as the promo shows, then Alicia pulling back. After all the suggestive dialogue (“Then use me”) and lingering looks, to have him fired up enough to actually attempt to act on the attraction they’re feeling? I could live on that until the end of season 2.

I don’t want Alicia to really try working it out with Peter (which is what I fear she’ll do); I just want her to decide that if she were to jump into bed with Will, it would only fuel the tabloids and bring more unwanted attention to the people she cares about. For the time being, she needs to keep Peter living in a separate bedroom and stay out of Will’s. After an initial period when Will would try to change her mind, he could move on and begin to date someone. She’d get jealous, and we’d build to another moment in his office when they’re about to kiss — only this time, Alicia would be the other woman. So she’d pull back. The writers can’t get too soapy — what’s great about Alicia is how calm, levelheaded, and almost detached she is. But it’s a story line that could simmer on the back burner and occasionally cause a splash, just like the Will-Alicia-Peter love triangle did for the first half of the season.

Your turn. How do you want this to play out tonight?

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