Ken Tucker
March 16, 2010 AT 12:29 PM EDT

Last night on The Tonight Show, American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi predicted a male winner for this season, nuzzled with guest Terry Bradshaw (the official Bad Sight Of The Night), and confirmed that her father would today announce a New York Senate run.

And Leno played some tape of her singing, when she was “eight or nine” years old.

Even then she was over-emoting, wasn’t she?

When Leno brought up her “bikini moment” (making sure to show us a picture), Kara’s response seemed to betray the influence of sitting near British judge Simon Cowell in her phrasing. “It showed I could kinda take the piss out of myself,” she said.

Jay looked a bit baffled and moved right on. Prodding her for more Idol opinions, she said, “Michael, I love him.”

Since I watch Idol with one eye and one ear closed at all times, you tell me: Was this an important bit of info? What did you think of Kara’s Tonight Show appearance?

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