Emily Exton
March 16, 2010 AT 07:17 PM EDT

Last night’s episode of Bravo’s Kell on Earth ended on a very sad note: The lovable, bronzed, Ativan-carrying Andrew Serrano quit People’s Revolution! After he managed to escape the hell of NY fashion week — two other employees (quick recap: Stephanie Vorhees and Elide) did not — endured regular demoralization from his boss Robyn, and made it through a four-day bout sans tanning, I thought things were safe for Britney Spears’ No. 1 fan. But alas, the stress, long hours, and lack of Vitamin D were just too much for Andrew S. And with that, his short trip to California turned into a permanent stay. Tear!

Skinner was emotional, too. “Who will do my hair?!” she cried, when news of Andrew S.’s departure broke. God job Skinner, you’re learning to think beyond work already. “Tandrew” was given the Bravo royal treatment as a montage of his greatest moments flashed before our eyes. Here’s hoping that his “stronger than yesterday” Britney-inspired tattoo is living up to its name and helping him move on with his new life.

While his quirky office demeanor and bronzer-melting breakdowns will be missed, luckily, there is more than enough personality, bitchiness, and attitude to go around the offices of People’s Rev, which is why Bravo’s newest reality show is my favorite addition to my weekly TV schedule. It’s the perfect fix for those looking for a dose of Real Housewives cattiness set in the workplace (can I get a Vicki “w00-hoo”?). Plus, it comes with free career advice from Kelly on how to be your own power girl (read: must be okay with the possibility of living in your office). We’ve all heard how Kelly “Mama Wolf” Cutrone is notoriously tough, but Kell shows that she can also be incredibly sweet to her employees when she wants to be. She’s on an endless search for new a new boyfriend for both Robyn and her assistant Andrew M., and takes every opportunity to chat up attractive waiters and models on their behalf. Even though she perversely dropped in on Andrew S.’s blind date (maybe that’s why he quit?) it was all out of love (or possibly boredom). She’s a little bit of 21st-century power-Yenta, and underneath that harsh, black, legging-clad exterior is a heart of gold, just watch the scenes with her daughter Ava for further proof.

This week we were treated to seeing more of the team’s lives OUTSIDE of the office, including Robyn’s awkward flirtation with boys and Andrew M.’s amazing midtown apartment (which — oh, hey! — is attached to his parents’ house…just saying). He threw an Addams Family-themed dinner party that even Skinner managed to attend. Yay, Skinner’s making progress! Next week it looks like we’re in for a peek at her personal life, which includes…a boyfriend (I thought she didn’t have the time?). With only two episodes remaining (no!!) will anyone else get fired? Will Skinner have yet another breakdown? Will Andrew M. or Robyn find love with or without Mama Kell’s help? And last but not least, are you loving Kell on Earth as much as I am, PopWatchers?

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