Kate Ward
March 17, 2010 AT 08:14 PM EDT

Image Credit: Mike Kemp/Getty ImagesI need a drink, PopWatchers. And not just because today is St. Patrick’s Day and hump day all rolled into one. No, it’s because I’m still coping with the depression that kicked off last Thursday after American Idol‘s shockingly disappointing results show. Even during last night’s top 12 performance night, a girlfriend and I downed about three glasses of boxed wine Kathie Lee-style while mourning the loss of Alex Lambert. (You guys, I can’t get over this. And hearing him on The Ellen Show isn’t helping matters! In the name of all things mullet-ed, what do I do?!)

But this isn’t the first time a pop culture event has driven me to drink. Charlie’s death on Lost got me so depressed I immediately went searching for some Dharma beer (I had to settle for some Blue Moons left in the fridge). Then there was reviewing the disaster that was Donkey Punch, a movie that me wish someone had created the vodka shower, since I seriously needed to wash myself of that experience. And then, obviously, there was the alcohol-enabled unwinding after reporting on Michael Jackson’s death, which was both sad and exhausting.

So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I ask you, PopWatchers: What pop culture event drove you straight to the nearest handle of vodka? And please be honest — we are in a no-judgment zone! (Right? Right?) Oh, and Happy (hic!) St. Pat-(burp!)-rick’s Day!

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