Archana Ram
March 17, 2010 AT 07:36 PM EDT

There truly is no worthy replacement for Kathy Lee Gifford on the Today show’s raucous fourth hour slot, but the morning show tried to compensate by having a different TV heartthrob (and I use that term lightly) fill in each day this week. Kirk Cameron co-hosted along with Hoda Kotb yesterday,a dn though they discussed the usual fare—the success or failure of being a child star in light of the recent news of Corey Haim’s death, Cameron’s marriage to his on-screen girlfriend and his relationship with god—the most notable tidbit was when the actor dished about still being recognized as Mike Seaver, his character from Growing Pains.

Apparently, people still call him “Mike,” and Cameron so humbly refers to this as “Seaver Fever.” He then indulged every Growing Pains fan by transforming into the geeky Mike for 60 seconds right on the Today show set. Take a look at the clip, starting at the 1:35 minute mark:

I know Cameron’s impression was impromptu and I appreciate the popped collar and all, but it was nothing compared to the masterpiece theater that was Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s eerily spot-on impression of Zack Morris he performed when he paid a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last June. From the hair to the clothes to that giant phone, forget Seaver Fever; Gosselaar totally brought back my Zack Attack.

How do you guys think the impressions compare? Which do you like better?

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