Nicole Sperling
March 19, 2010 AT 09:44 PM EDT

If ShoWest presentations are any indication of which studio is most bullish of their upcoming year, it would be difficult not to point to Warner Bros. as the destined market leader for 2010. The studio wheeled out all their big stars for their presentation to the theater owners — and 2010 is chock full of them. From Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel in what could be the surprise end-of-the-year hit Life as We Know It to Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. bringing their comedy bit to Las Vegas for their upcoming road trip laugher Due Date, WB brought the goods. Even Chris Nolan took to the stage to unveil some additional footage for his intriguing, big budget summer release Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The studio was also able to wrangle three of the four Sex and the City girls to debut their trailer for this summer’s sure-to-be-hit. (Kim Cattrall was in a play in London.) Said Michael Patrick King: “It’s not in 3-D, not even Double D, but Sex and the City 2 will definitely be interactive.” The movie, which bows on May 27, takes the girls to Abu Dhabi and deals with marriage after the honeymoon. Cameos from Penélope Cruz, Liza Minnelli, and Carrie Bradshaw’s ex Aiden Shaw (John Corbett) were front and center for the ShoWest audience. And, of course, there was the obligatory nod to WB’s perennial cash cow, Harry Potter, but this year that film is likely to be even bigger considering the first part of the last installment will be exhibited in 3-D for the very first time.

All the footage seemed to play extremely well with added buzz surrounding both The Hangover director Todd Phillips’ Due Date and the Heigl, Duhamel sweet/sad romantic dramedy Life as We Know It from director Greg Berlanti. And audiences were all jazzed about April 2’s Clash of the Titans. The studio had star Sam Worthington and director Louis Leterrier on hand to introduce the 3-D footage of the movie, but WB head Alan Horn said, “Besides the title, it bears no resemblance to the early version.” Tracking on that film is already giant, so it looks like WB will be making good on their promise of a giant 2010 as early as April.

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