Kerrie Mitchell
March 19, 2010 AT 10:59 PM EDT

Image Credit: Carin Baer/FoxOver at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation website, a wheelchair-bound actor named Zack Weinstein has up a blog post about Glee and — even more exciting — his upcoming guest role. He can’t give many details away about the episode, but Weinstein does offer heartfelt and moving testimony about the accident he suffered in his teens that left him paralyzed, and his refusal to let that reality end his dreams of becoming an actor. From the very beginning of Glee, I’ve appreciated the casual way they introduced a wheelchair-bound character like Artie, but I’ve often wondered if the fact that the actor who plays him, Kevin McHale, is able-bodied, makes it less of a triumph for diversity. (Indeed, around the time of the “Wheels” episode, some organizations outright objected.) Weinstein’s take is an honest inside account: He knows that Glee producers auditioned actors who used wheelchairs for the role of Artie. And he thinks that if McHale was the best fit in the end, then it doesn’t matter whether or not he’s able to walk. Take a look at Zack’s post and tell me: Do you agree?

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