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Jimmy Fallon and friends not quite singing 'Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?' theme song: Strangely, yet undoubtedly, awesome

Jimmy Fallon and four of his staffers, dressed in brightly colored shirts, patterned ties, and fedoras, standing on a multi-color map of South America, doing the doo-wops from the first few bars of the Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? a cappella, over and over and over again for more than two minutes. You’d think you wouldn’t even have to watch it after that detailed description, and yet it’s somehow, perhaps wordlessly, worth your more than two minutes:

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What is it, PopWatchers? The earnestness? The nostalgia? The shirts? Jimmy’s almost-dangerous-at-one-point head bobbing? The lack of lyrical payoff? Why is this so fun to watch?

Originally posted March 23 2010 — 11:03 AM EDT

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