'Justified,' 'The Good Wife,' 'Southland,' 'Parenthood,' 'V': Which will you watch/DVR tonight at 10? | EW.com

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'Justified,' 'The Good Wife,' 'Southland,' 'Parenthood,' 'V': Which will you watch/DVR tonight at 10?

Hoo boy, Tuesday night causes one of those viewer headaches: What show will you watch in real time, and which ones will you DVR?

This week, The Good Wife is a rerun, so that lessens the problem a bit. But

what about the rest?

• Are you craving more Timothy Olyphant in the second week of Justified? (I should hope so.)

• Are you caught up in the intricate police work of Southland? (I thought last week’s Ann Biderman-written episode was tremendously exciting.)

• Are you still sampling Parenthood? (I’m pulling for this show, despite the fact that its ratings are falling. Lauren Graham!)

• Will you be glued to the returning V? ABC is airing a series recap tonight to prepare you for next week’s new episodes. (This is the one that feels more like homework than entertainment to me.)

I’m very curious to know what you’ll be watching/recording at 10 p.m. Please let me know below. Thanks.

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