Annie Barrett
March 24, 2010 AT 06:06 PM EDT

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOXOn last night’s American Idol, Kara called Paige Miles’ rendition of “Against All Odds” the worst vocal of the season. “That song just killed you,” Simon informed Paige, who was then dead. Now, I’m not Slezak and don’t have a carefully organized (by hair color) brain database of 8.3 seasons of performances at the ready, but I dunno, Dawg — I think Paige’s warble might have been the worst Idol performance EVER. And I saw that bird dance by the blond tattoo lady last year. This was like a million billion times worse than that. Which ear-sore gets your vote for Worst Idol Performance Ever? Do you have recurring Oz-based nightmares of Camile Velasco’s sensational(ly awful) ”Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” like poor Slezak?

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