Leah Greenblatt
March 24, 2010 AT 04:22 PM EDT

Image Credit: Glee: Carin Baer/FOX; Madonna: Sylvain Gaboury/PRThe holy alliance more than five months in the making has finally arrived: Glee‘s Madgesty-themed mini-album, The Power of Madonna will hit stores April 20, like a show-choir meteor (or should we say, lucky star).

The task of cherrypicking seven tracks from La Ciccone’s massive catalog is a bit of a shuffle-button Sophie’s Choice; but did they choose wisely? See the tracklisting after the jump:

The Power of Madonna Track Listing

1. Express Yourself

2. Borderline/Open Your Heart

3. Vogue

4. Like A Virgin

5. 4 Minutes

6. What It Feels Like For A Girl

7. Like A Prayer

Now, we can guess who might trilling “Like a Virgin” (the barn door on everything but the “Like” has closed on this preggo), and “What It Feels Like for a Girl” undoubtedly belongs to Rachel (Lea Michele), unless they go rogue with a bold move like Sue (Jane Lynch) or Kurt (Chris Colfer).

Though these seven songs are pretty career-encompassing for Madge, I can’t lie; I would not be mad at a little “La Isla Bonita” (you only need one tenuous reason for maracas and an onstage margarita machine); and while we’re talking “Express Yourself,” I say go video-thematic (monocles! pinstripe crotch grabs! bohunk prison choreography!).

We turn to you now, Gleeks: Are you fully Into the Groove on this one, or perhaps feeling a little Borderline? You’ve got approximately four weeks—April 20—until both the EP and the episode arrive; in the meantime, tell us which cast member(s) you see doing each song, and why.

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