Annie Barrett
March 25, 2010 AT 07:56 PM EDT

Nigel Lythgoe is just messing with us now. As if his Twitter background weren’t bad enough, the bloke is meting out a steady stream of So You Think You Can Dance rule changes one at a time so that we have no choice but to obsessively follow “dizzyfeet” and report on this possibly Vertigo-afflicted entity’s every move. I mean, we don’t have to, but we are anyway. The latest: In this summer’s season 7, the partners will change every single week. (In every season since the first, partner-switching has been delayed until the Top 10.) We’ll miss out on becoming attached to those ‘It’ couples who really work, but this way every dancer will have more control over his or her individual fate from the get-go. I like this idea a lot. Your thoughts?

Last night’s news: “Only one dancer will leave the competition each week, and not two.” Keep it up, Nigel! We are still wondering what Travis Wall’s brother ended up serving you in a New York restaurant. Ahhhhhh. Twitter.

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