Michael Ausiello
March 26, 2010 AT 07:01 PM EDT

Image Credit: Phil Caruso/Showtime; Kimberley FrenchI have a confession to make: My knowledge of the Twilight franchise could fit on the head of a pin. Never read the books. Haven’t seen the movies. Don’t belong to any “team.” But I defy you to detect even a hint of my Twignorance in the following interview with Peter Facinelli, who plays good vamp Carlisle. How’d I do it? It’s called acting, kids. And I’m good at it. I also consulted my pal Mr. Google, as well as EW’s resident Twixpert, Nicole Sperling. What do you care anyway? All that’s important is that I got the goods, not how I got them. And as you’ll see in the two-part Q&A, I did get the goods, on Eclipse (Carlisle overload!), Breaking Dawn (Gus Van Sant for director?), and Facinelli’s other steady gig — and one I’m a lot more familiar with — Nurse Jackie (crisis for Coop!) Enjoy!

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