Annie Barrett
March 29, 2010 AT 03:44 PM EDT

Did Class Holes, the James Woods sitcom not exactly created by Brian Griffin on last night’s Family Guy, remind anyone else of the embarrassingly awful Room and Bored from HBO’s The Comeback? The rounded, goldenrod font of its end credits (à la Full House) was another nice touch of pure evil disguised as fun.

Once I had succumbed to Valerie Cherish mode, I also wondered if the obligatory chimp character in Class Holes could even be a sneaky reference to Val’s former ’80s sitcom, I’m It! Everyone loved that chimp, you know. Remember: Everything on TV in 2010 can somehow relate to a failed HBO series from 2005. You just have to wanna see that!  (Watch Family Guy on Hulu or after the jump; Brian’s sitcom is 17 minutes in.)

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