Annie Barrett
March 30, 2010 AT 09:21 PM EDT

Image Credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty ImagesI don’t think I’ve ever recommended watching a Dancing With the Stars results show. I write five-page recaps for a reality show about ballroom dancing, but come on, I’m not that insane. This is different. Look at that headline. It just seems really, really special. Assuming you’ve never attended a John Stamos/Beach Boys live performance, tonight at 8 p.m. ET is your chance to re-experience the ABC of over 20 years ago. Oh, the glory! Could we ever have predicted this momentous occasion back in 1989, when “Tanner Island” — the Hawaii episode of Full House in which the whole family joins Uncle Jesse onstage with the Beach Boys, duh — first aired?

I will not be satisfied unless at least one Olsen twin pops up in a sequined blazer in the audience and Bob Saget announces he has found an island on the ballroom floor only to discover it was a giant potato chip. Will you? *

UPDATE: Wow. Jonn Stamos is glad that’s over.

Talk about tonight’s elimination here, then come back bright and early for our DWTS recap.

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