Benjamin Svetkey
March 31, 2010 AT 09:13 PM EDT

Turns out nobody is happy about last winter’s late-night TV shake-up — not even the winner. “Conan got screwed. I got screwed,” Jay Leno told Joy Behar in the green room of The Tonight Show before Tuesday’s taping. The whole backstage conversation was videotaped by Behar as part of a behind-the-scenes video blog she was doing for HLN. In a nutshell: Leno believes both he and Conan O’Brien were “treated terribly” by NBC last January, when the network sent O’Brien packing and restored Leno as host of The Tonight Show. “This is TV,” Leno philosophizes during his pre-show snuggle with Behar on the green room sofa. “The reason show business pays a lot of money is so when you get screwed you’ve got something left over.” (See clip embedded after the jump.)

Is he right, Pop Watchers? Did Leno get as screwed as Conan? Or is he the one who came out on top?

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