Lynette Rice
March 31, 2010 AT 04:01 AM EDT

Despite showing marked improvement from week to week, Shannen Doherty’s performance on Monday (not to mention her decent scores) weren’t enough to keep her on Dancing with the Stars. Fighting back tears, Doherty talked briefly to tonight about her struggle to feel at ease under the mirrored ball.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It must tough giving the interviews right now.

SHANNEN DOHERTY: Yeah it’s pretty tough. There are definitely some emotions, some emotions of leaving my friends, and the emotion of letting him down (She gestures to her partner, Mark Ballas, and begins to cry).

MARK BALLAS: You didn’t let me down, babe. You didn’t let me down.

This experience has clearly been emotional for you. As you were preparing for premiere week, did you ever consider quitting?

SD: Yes, I thought about it a bunch of times. I’m not built for this, I’m not a dancer. It’s not what I do and it’s really uncomfortable for me. I’m a super private person, and I avoid the press and I avoid putting myself out there. That’s why I’m an actor. I never have to portray myself.  I can play every other person in the world but me, so doing this show has been really scary. As a result, it showed. You saw that I was incredibly uncomfortable for the most part. The only thing that was comfortable was walking into our rehearsal space at 10 a.m. and seeing Mark. We talked and really got to know each other. He’s like a brother to me.

But your scores definitely weren’t the lowest. How much do you attribute to your fans not showing enough support? You’ve always had a complicated relationship with fans.

SD: I don’t really think so. If you look at the bottom two — Pam Anderson and myself —  it’s almost like, did people think we were safe so there was no need to vote? You gotta wonder if that was the case. I have the most loyal fans in the world. They are amazing, they are the best, and they have always been there for me for 29 years. Maybe the people who aren’t fans, maybe it was black and white for them. But my fans, they love me.

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