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Erykah Badu to appear on Fox's `The Wanda Sykes Show'

Erykah Badu, who was charged with disorderly conduct for removing her clothes in public during her “Window Seat” music video shoot, will talk about the now-controversial shoot in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza on Fox’s The Wanda Sykes Show April 3.  She is also scheduled to perform.

The Dallas Police Department made good on an investigation that was still in progress as of Friday morning by charging Badu. The singer is now subject to a fine of up to $500. Badu had reportedly settled on Dealey Plaza after finding inspiration in Matt & Kim’s “Lesson Learned” video, which featured the pair running naked in New York’s Times Square. Badu also refers to John F. Kennedy’s assassination in the “Window Seat” video.

Originally posted April 2 2010 — 10:59 PM EDT

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