Kate Ward
April 05, 2010 AT 05:15 PM EDT

Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Dwight Eschliman/Stone/Getty ImagesVariety reports that the Weinstein Co. has decided to take two of my favorite things — Modern Family‘s Ty Burrell and butter — and combine them into one film: The smartly titled Butter, which follows a butter-carving champ (Burrell) who’s forced to step down, leading his wife (Jennifer Garner) to begin training in hopes of becoming the new champ. All that’s missing is my third favorite thing, whiskers on kittens.

But seriously, how awesome is this casting? First off, I’m pumped to see Burrell making the leap onto the big screen in such a prominent role. And who else is hoping he carves a giant sculpture of depicting all the dances from High School Musical? Maybe it’s because I grew up in Minnesota, where creepy butter sculptures of beauty pageant princesses were as essential to summer as sunscreen and Michael Bay movies. (My fellow Minnesota State Fair junkies know what I’m talking about. Holla for Sweet Martha’s!) But I just can’t believe how much I’m into Butter.

Who’s with me?

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