Kate Ward
April 06, 2010 AT 11:14 PM EDT

I hope this means we are thisclose to being able to actually get Fresh-Ass: Based on the novel Tush by Assfire on our televisions: EW exclusively learns that NBC has launched an in-universe site for Jack Donaghy’s newest partner, Kabletown.

Of course, we still can’t access Kabletown’s naughty channels, but we can browse their website, which was featured shortly on 30 Rock‘s March 18 episode. Some things we learned: Kabletown is spelled with a K because “K stands for the Kindness we show our customers, the Keen interest we take in their needs, and because Cabletown with a C was already the name of a store that sold cable knit sweaters and legal said we had to spell it with a K.”; their acquisition of GE Sheinhardt NBC Universal allows them to “use the word ‘content’ almost 60 percent more than we used to in press releases. Our partnership…will help us to better serve you, the consumer. Content.”; and their adult programing only costs an additional $12.99! Totally worth it to hear a handsome man tell me how jealous everyone is of me.

Do you wish Kabletown actually existed?

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