Ken Tucker
April 06, 2010 AT 09:54 PM EDT

Megyn Kelly, the attorney who hosts Fox News’ afternoon show America Live, is nothing if not contrarian. This afternoon, she weighed in on the Desperate Housewives/Nicollette Sheridan case, and handed Bill O’Reilly his backside in another segment.

In the regular segment called “Kelly’s Court,” Kelly had two talking-heads yammer about whether or not Nicollette Sheridan has a legal case against Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. While dubious about Sheridan waiting so long after the alleged assault and battery charge the actress has filed, Kelly thinks Sheridan “has a case” if Cherry “actually hit her.” You can see the clip here.

More interestingly, Kelly went a little meta on her audience, debating O’Reilly on her show for a segment of The O‘Reilly Factor that will air tonight.

You can hear the details about the case they’re debating below. What’s interesting is the way O’Reilly, who can usually bully his way through any argument he pleases by cutting off an opinion with which he disagress, gets more or less hammered by Kelly. She does not give an inch in her pleasantly-phrased but no less firm indignation that O’Reilly has taken her comments out of context, and her defense of free speech:

“We have a first amendment that allows you to say disgusting things in this country,” said Kelly. Bracing words to hear any afternoon.

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