Mike Bruno
April 06, 2010 AT 05:39 PM EDT

Leave it to Whoopi Goldberg to step up and actually say something in defense of America’s Most Hated, Jess James. During Hot Topics on The View, Goldberg seemed to sympathize with the serial cheater, revealing that she herself “screwed around while I was married. Yeah. I made those mistakes, too. It happens sometimes. It happens.”

Whoopi didn’t excuse James’ infidelity– there really is no defense for cheating on your spouse…a whole bunch of times — but she did seem to want to point out that there’s another side to the whole mess, which involves two people and their complicated problems with themselves and each other. “I’m not excusing. What I’m doing is saying, ‘Hey, maybe there’s something else to look at here,'” she said.

Do you think Whoopi has a point? Or are you too angry at James for publicly disrespecting Bullock to listen to anything he has to say right now?

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